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  • Matt Codd

Blondes @ Sidney & Matilda: A Triumphant Debut in the Steel City

Blondes are a band that has been gathering hype for a couple of years now. Their single ‘Coming of Age’ has earned the band a head-start in the scene, thanks to a viral trend on TikTok in 2020. Since then, they have released a debut EP, embarked on a headline tour, and played Reading & Leeds Festival.

Now, in 2022, Blondes are on tour again, this time supporting an equally exciting UK band in Courting. The first stop on their stint supporting this band brought them to the basement of Sidney & Matilda in Sheffield - not many better ways to introduce yourself to a city. Sidney & Matilda is rapidly earning a reputation in the city as one of the best venues, not only in Sheffield, but in the entire North of England. It is easy to see why - the underground gig space evokes the basement gig stories told by every legendary act. Sitting as part of something of a craft ale holy trinity in the city, with Rutland Arms and Triple Point Brewery being a matter of metres away, it is fast becoming a destination venue in the city and, most recently, it played a huge part in Float Along Festival, Sheffield’s newest inner-city music event.

Blondes came out to an impressively full crowd for a support act. Opening with the second single off their debut EP, ‘Minimum Wage’, the band immediately showed us what they are about. Punchy guitar riffs dripping with ‘80s fuzz rock sensibilities akin to The Cure, Blondes offered a tight set of 6 tracks and doubtless earned a room full of new fans.

Being the opening act gave the band a chance to introduce new material excitingly. Three new songs made their way on the setlist, each as captivating as the last. ‘Love in the Afternoon’, ‘Best Friends’ and ‘Basement’ are sure to be regular features of Blondes shows for a long time.

The two highlights of the gig though, were Blondes’ two best songs. ‘Coming of Age’ is a fantastic call-back to those cheesy American films of the 1980s. It’s a sincere track set to dreamy guitars that transport you straight to the set of The Goonies or The Breakfast Club. A staple set-closer of any Blondes gig, ‘Out the Neighbourhood’ is a triumphant tune worthy of ending any evening. Rousing lyrics and guitars crescendo and fall as one, with the now bustling crowd thoroughly loving every moment.

For a band just starting out in the scene, Blondes already look like veterans. They have a mastery of crowd control, an impressive setlist and an enthused energy on stage that is irresistible for even the most sceptical of fans. Hopefully the next time they’re in the Steel City it’s for a headline show because we want the full Blondes experience.


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