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  • Sophie Walker

Super nachos, Loaded potatoes and mezze: What we ate at Tramlines 2023

Okay, I know, this is LONG overdue. But it feels like it's still relevant to get this piece out as Tramlines deserves recognition for their food offering this year!

As someone who’s intolerant to what feels like everything - I can't even get a meal deal in Tesco - I naturally get nervous about eating at music festivals. At the 2022 festival, I stupidly hadn’t prepared by looking at the vendors beforehand, and ate plain chips for 2 days straight because I was unsure what I could eat and was scared of getting poorly. This year, thankfully, I had planned better. I used Tramlines’ vendor list and double checked with the vendors themselves online to see whether they’d have options suited to my requirements, and I was really pleasantly surprised, all of the vendors I asked welcomed me with open arms! Tramlines had nailed it.

Now, I didn't get to actually eat at all of the places I'd spoken to, largely because of the weather and the fact that we were very busy (check out our full festival review here), but the vendors I did get to try were amazing.


Not a food vendor per se at the festival, but they did give us food, I started my Tramlines food journey at Little Hillsborough with a pack of Hendo's crisps, given to us as we approached the Henderson's Relish shop for a bucket hat! I'd actually not yet tried Hendo's crisps but I was really pleasantly surprised. I'd already known they were free from, but I didn't realise how nice they'd be!

After that, I admit, I did cave and some chips, but sometimes chips are just what you need right? The line of vendors to the right of the Main Stage were chips galore, so we stopped by one of the burger stalls on our way down to Circa Waves for some glorious plain chips. They hit the spot.

After Sea Girls and during DMAs, we headed over to The Middle Feast. I'd spoken to them via Instagram ahead of time and Lucy (who I spoke to online, and who served me in person) was amazing. I had a bed of chips, topped with fresh slaw, non contaminated grilled chicken which was topped with some sort of harissa dressing and seeds. It was absolutely gorgeous.


With a delayed start this day, we had lunch before we got to the festival and went most of the day foodless (something about running around Hillsborough Park really takes the hunger out of you). We did g aet bit peckish during Kate Nash though, so opted for some super vegan nachos from Teabag Chihuahua. These consisted of nachos, vegan bean chilli, fresh guacamole and salsa. We shared these and absolutely *wolfed* them down. In fact, we ate them so fast we didn't actually get a photo of the dish.

As usual, I also had some chips to tie me over. I love chips.


Sunday was our shortest day. The weather really didn't let up, so we both turned up and left earlier than we'd have liked! The day did offer the opportunity to hang around T'Other Stage for some time though, long enough to leg it out of the tent to V or V's grill and back for some doner loaded potatoes.

On a lemon balm tahini base, celeriac doner, potatoes and various sauces married into the ultimate comfort food, I was incredibly surprised! Definitely check those guys out on their ventures.

All in all, Tramlines kitted me right out this year for munch and I couldn't have been happier. It isn't difficult to be inclusive but a lot of festivals still don't offer options, so to have plenty at Sheff's own Tramlines was amazing. And, of course, there were absolutely tonnes of other options too for all foodies. I'm pretty sure ever cuisine was covered!

We can't wait to see what Tramlines has on the menu for 2024...


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