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  • Meisha Garvey

Sheffield Theatres - What’s On This Autumn

Despite the sudden last burst of a Summer heatwave, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are beginning to fall as we officially approach autumn. Luckily there’s a lot going on at the Sheffield Theatres in the next few months; from debuts, musicals and ballets, there’s something for everyone. So why not hide from the cold and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of theatre?

We Could All Be Perfect

Saturday 23rd September - Saturday 14th October


We Could All Be Perfect is the debut play by Doncaster actor and writer Hannah Morley. Directed by Ruby Clarke and commissioned, developed and produced by Sheffield Theatres, We Could All Be Perfect has an all female cast. Not much is revealed in the play’s teaser trailer; a photo montage of women protesting and notable female figures like Malala and Simone Biles, but one thing’s for sure, this new play is all about female empowerment.

Promising to be a furious and funny play that explores whether teenage girls will save the world — and whether they should have to, the intimacy of the Playhouse is the perfect venue to showcase a play where “everyone is feeling everything at all times, even if they don’t want us to know.” You can read our full preview of the show here.

Get your tickets quick!

The Drifter’s Girl

Tuesday 26th September - Saturday 30th September


The Drifter’s Girl is not only a love letter to the music of The Drifters, but also a musical that pays homage to Faye Treadwell, the legendary manager who refused to give up on them.

Nominated for Best New Musical at the 2022 Olivier Awards, Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre is just one stop on its major UK tour following its success at the West End. Discover the remarkable story of The Drifters, following the highs of hit records and sell out tours to the lows of legal battles and personal troubles. The sensational soundtrack is full of their hit songs like 'Saturday Night At The Movies', 'Save The Last Dance For Me' and 'Stand By Me'a song that definitely fits Treadwell, who fought for three decades to turn them into the legendary group that they are. Faye Treadwell is and will always be, The Drifter’s Girl.

The Hypochondriac

Saturday 30th September - Saturday 21st October


The Hypochondriac is Roger McGough’s acclaimed adaptation of Molière's, the king of modern French comedy, well-known farce. In a time too familiar with long NHS waiting lists and COVID, Argan, the play’s titular hypochondriac, may be a little more relatable, though definitely exasperating. Self-obsessed and wealthy, Argan racks up medical bills with his frequent visits to the family physician. He believes he’s found the perfect solution, but his time might be better spent focusing on what’s real, rather than fixating on the imagined, as his family grow tired of his antics.

The Hypochondriac is a witty satire that portrays realism through comedy, music and dance. They say laughter is the best form of medicine, and McGough’s adaptation of Molière’s final play certainly proves that in what is ure to be another incredibly well-received Sheffield Theatres production.

Matthew Bourne’s Romeo & Juliet

Tuesday 3rd October - Saturday 7th October


After Matthew Bourne’s spellbinding debut of Romeo & Juliet garnered critical acclaim in 2019, the dance production returns with music by Prokofiev.

A beautiful retelling of Shakespeare’s classic story of star-crossed lovers, Bourne injects such raw passion and energy into the contemporary dance, the audience can’t help but get swept up in the all consuming nature of first love. Bourne further subverts the classic by showing a side of sensuality between the teenage lovers not showcased before. Romeo & Juliet not only depicts the tragic tale of the lovers, but also subtly hints of a love between Mercutio and Balthazar. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean, no lover leaves unscathed in this battle of two houses.

The Bodyguard

Tuesday 10th October - Saturday 14th October


Starring West-End lead darling Zoe Birkett (Moulin Rouge, Thriller Live, Great British Bake Off Musical) and former soap star Ayden Callaghan (Emmerdale, Hollyoaks), award-winning smash-hit The Bodyguard returns to Sheffield.

The Bodyguard’s titular character Frank Farmer, a former Secret Service agent, is hired to protect superstar Rachel Marron from a persistent, unknown stalker. Both expect to be in charge—what they don’t expect is to fall in love.

The Bodyguard is the perfect thriller-cum-romance; breathtakingly romantic, but filled with suspense. It’s “the hottest ticket in town” (Sunday Mirror) and features a host of classic Whitney Houston power ballads and hits 'Saving All My Love', 'Run to You', 'I Have Nothing', 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody', including the unforgettable love song written by Dolly Parton — 'I Will Always Love You'.


Tuesday 17th October - Saturday 21st October


The West End super-hit Annie is a ‘glorious revival’ (The Times) coming to the Lyceum for one week only. Starring Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood (throughout the week) and I’d Do Anything talent show winner, turned actress Jodie Prenger (Saturday) in the shared role of tyrannical Miss Hannigan.

Set in 1930’s New York during The Great Depression, little orphan Annie lives a Hard-Knock Life under Miss Hannigan’s care in a miserable orphanage. Her luck soon changes when she’s picked to spend a magical Christmas with famous billionaire, Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks. Warbucks only expected to open his home to Annie, but soon finds himself opening his heart. As the two grow closer, and Annie searches for her birth parents, spiteful Miss Hannigan plots behind the scenes to bring a stop to Annie’s plans.

Annie has spawned productions around the world, film adaptations and won a number of Tony Awards for its brilliant, catchy tunes — 'Easy Street', 'I Don’t Need Anything But You' and 'Tomorrow'. It’s a family friendly musical for all.

Will Tell & The Big Bad Baron

Tuesday 24th October


Enjoy a family day out with this original show that’ll be a smash hit with parents and kids alike. Will Tell, better known as Wilhelm Tell, is a new legendary heroine ‘The Swiss Robin Hood’.

Join Will Tell, disguised as a knight, as she embarks on a fun-filled interactive journey filled with capers around castles, damsels in distress and a jaw dropping joust with horse puppets. Catchy original songs and engaging storytelling are woven together to capture the hearts of the audience.

When Will Tell’s folk hero father is captured by the wicked Baron Boris and thrust into his deepest, darkest, dungeon, Will embarks on a rescue mission with her trusted stead—a donkey and pots and pans for armour. She may be at a disadvantage, but her father’s exploits and tales of heroes like Robin Hood and Lancelot inspires her to stand up to the tyrant. Prepared to storm the dungeon and rescue her father, she’s very unprepared when the Baron’s daughter Edel falls madly in love with her and begs to be rescued too.

Will Tell & The Big Bad Baron is “a cracking show delivering the right dose of comedic magic. The adults in the audience were laughing as much as the kids.” (Edinburgh Life With Kids). With a recommended age for 3+ it really is a show for the whole family.

The King of Reggae - The Man - The Music

Wednesday 25th October - Thursday 26th October


Rush Theatre Company strives to educate audiences through visual art, music and the medium of the theatre, providing “wider knowledge & understanding of the positive enriching aspects of a multi-cultural society.” After bringing the critically acclaimed Rush - A Joyous Jamaican Journey, the company’s new play The King of Reggae - The Man - The Music is a celebration of Jamaica’s global superstar, Bob Marley.

Featuring over 20 of Bob Marley’s finest, backed by the diverse Jamaican The King of Reggae band, from 'I Shot the Sheriff', 'Get Up Stand Up', 'Concrete Jungle' to his final hits like 'One Love' and 'Exodus'. The brand new narrated musical tells the story of the man who brought reggae music to the world and became a symbol of Jamaican culture.

From the Government yard in Trench-town to Rastafarian Icon, covering every aspect of Bob Marley’s life; his musical journey, the superstar’s spirituality and finally political beliefs. The Reggae King shows the impact his music had—and still has, worldwide, so prepare to get together and feel alright as you learn about The King of Reggae.

Steve and Tobias Versus Death

Saturday 28th October


Get into the Spooky Season spirit just before Halloween as Paper Mug Theatre returns to the Playhouse with zombie thriller-comedy Steve and Tobias Versus Death, following their sell-out international run in Busan, South Korea.

In this throat-ripping zombie cage fight, join two brothers as they bicker and fight to survive a zombie apocalypse trapped in their living room. Tobias hates mash, and Steve hates (but deep down loves) his little brother Tobias, who refuses to eat said mash, but when they realise their bed-ridden mother is patient zero in the world of flesh-eating zombies, their feelings have to be pushed aside to survive.

Watch as two brothers clash verbally and physically through meticulously choreographed fights with each other and the zombies trying to eat them, as they try to protect their infected mum, fend off zombies and repair their fractured relationship. Steve and Tobias Versus Death simultaneously melds rip roaringly funny dialogue, gory horror with a deep-sense of tragedy that lurks beneath the surface. “With characters being flung around the small space like Barbie dolls, Marysa Finnie’s direction gives it the comedy of slapstick but the realism of a gritty British horror film.” (Theatre Weekly)

Tickets are on sale now for this great Halloween night out alternative

You Heard Me

Monday 30th October


The trailer for Arc Stockton Production’s You Heard Me, starts by asking “are you listening?”

“Have you ever been underestimated?

When was the last time someone told you to shut up?

Are you afraid to walk home alone?”

This play is for everyone that can relate to those questions, they set the tone for the show. You Heard Me is the true story of artist Luca Rutherford, a survivor of sexual assault.

On a run, in broad daylight, Rutherford was attacked. Her instincts kicked in and she loudly tried to fight off her attacker, luckily alerting a passerby. She is very aware her story may have ended differently.

You Heard Me insists it celebrates everyone, the quiet as well as the loud, the soft and the hard. There’s no right way to deal with assault but Rutherford impresses upon the audience the need to fight and be loud, to push away the societal conventions instilled in us—especially women, to be quiet and polite.

You Heard Me is a multi-media performance, “expressed through a combination of physical theatre and soundscapes.” (Get The Chance) It is a show about taking your power and refusing to stay quiet, embracing disruption. This show exists because without using her voice, there’s a chance Luca Rutherford wouldn’t.


Tuesday 31st October - Saturday 4th November


Treason is the new musical drama taking the musical theatre world by storm. Set in 1605, Treason follows the intriguing and notorious gunpowder plot, in a way never been seen before. Prepare to be blown away by the stunning original soundtrack, full of folk and pop songs, that's live album streams skyrocketed on Spotify.

After an incredible two-year journey with an online concert streamed worldwide in 2021 due to covid and two sold-out concerts at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in 2022, led by Carrie Hope Fletcher (Heathers: The Musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella) and Bradley Jaden (Les Mis, Wicked, Camelot), Treason has embarked on their first UK tour, and is set to take its explosive performance to The Lyceum just in time for Bonfire Night.

Join the Plotters on the days leading up to notorious night, and dive into their world of love, secrecy, rebellion and almost revolution. Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, Treason and plot!


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