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  • Grace Sansom

A trip into Girlhood, with all the rage, sparkle and glory it deserves

Writer Hannah Morley is bringing her glittering new play We Could All Be Perfect to the iconic (and aptly named after an iconic theatre-world heroine) Tanya Moiseiwitsch Playhouse, with performances starting this weekend. Directed by Sheffield Theatres’ own gem Ruby Clarke, we’re all in for a furiously funny dive in the stuff of teenage girl-dom.

Developed with the creative genius we all know and love, Sheffield Theatres’ latest piece of new writing asks questions of the teenage girls at its core. Can they save the world? Should they have to? Should they have to be able to?

In those teenage years you’re your most creative, angry, passionate, but also your most selfish, indulgent and anxiously insecure. It’s a paradoxical existence, and the friction between your opposing emotions sparks up a brilliant rage and introspective anger. If you’re lucky, you’re still somewhat unscathed by the talons of misogyny and you face the world with an innocence that you feel chip away as you learn what you’re in for. That innocence becomes like a china teacup having to serve boiling builders tea relentlessly - it can’t take it and the ceramic coating chips away.

Your brain fizzes with thesis as opinions bubble into formation, all to a backing track of popgirl ballads and boy band harmonies. The hobbies from childhood are held close to your chest, you realise you’ll forever face ridicule for what you enjoy. As that dreaded cool girl mania seeps into your porous mind, left susceptible by naivety, the world you know grows less vibrant and you care about perception more than you thought possible.

With a stellar cast, the Playhouse audiences are in for a fiercely female spectacle diving into those formative years and the experiences that chisel the life you’ll lead. Forget rose-tinted glasses, teenage girls see the world through a kaleidoscopic lens where everything is confusing, fragmented, but the world seems exciting and beautifully technicolour.

The description states that the play is for anyone who has witnessed the power of a teenage girl. I haven’t just witnessed it, I’ve felt it first hand - from my sisters, my friends, my family, even myself. I’m excited to feel it again and let it charge into my on-going twenties.

We Could All Be Perfect opens in the Playhouse for three weeks from Saturday 23rd September. Tickets are available here.

Photography by Becky Payne.


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