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  • Jack Starr

LUNARCA – ‘Runaway’ Single Review – Sheffield Band’s Simple-but-Sweet ‘60s Revival

LUNARCA are a new and fresh-faced Sheffield indie group, having only played their first gigs at the start of the year. Yet in that time, they have already garnered success, performing on the alternative stage at this year’s Leeds Festival, and building a following of more than 10,000 on TikTok and Instagram, with more than 7 million views and counting.

Online, they describe themselves as ‘a ‘60s and ‘90s inspired indie rock band’. It’s easy to see why – their modest, catchy tunes are reminiscent of Beatles-esque psychedelia, as well as conjuring memories of ‘90s Britpop and the revival of ‘60s culture that happened then. This makes the band a sort of double-revival, capturing two eras at once and combining the most influential elements of both. Nostalgia often repeats in thirty-year cycles, so it seems fitting that LUNARCA are bringing back this pure and simple rock ‘n roll for the 2020s.

‘Runaway’ is their second single. Recorded at Sheffield’s famous Yellow Arch Studios under producer Colin Elliot, the song showcases the group’s love of psychedelic guitar riffs, blended in with some grunge-esque guitar effects. It effectively captures some of the best bits of both the ‘60s and ‘90s, and delivers it in a catchy modern indie tune.

'Runaway’ is a great track in that it maintains its energy throughout. Starting off on a raw bassline, the guitar-based melody instantly kicks in and takes us through. After a couple of choruses, it builds to a classic hard-rock guitar solo – one that maybe could have gone on a little longer, but was still a very nice addition. The cover art also echoes classic psychedelia, with its collage of mushrooms, space, clouds and a woman in a billowing dress serving as an apt ‘60s homage.

Overall, this is a promising single. If LUNARCA can keep up this energy and talent in their next releases, then they will have a bright future ahead of them.

‘Runaway’ is available to stream on Spotify and Soundcloud, along with their first single, ‘Living As Me’. LUNARCA will play at Sidney & Matilda on December 1st and on December 8th, supporting The Rills.


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