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  • Sophie Walker

The dos and the don’ts: What you should and shouldn’t bring to Tramlines 2023

Tramlines is coming around quickly. In less than 2 weeks’ time we’ll be watching Richard Ashcroft, The Courteeners and Paul Heaton headline our city’s glorious festival. It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear and what you’ll need to take with you, but don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with this quick guide on what to and what not to bring to Tramlines 2023!

The dos… bring these!

Money: Cash or card – although all traders and fairground rides will be accepting cash and card payments, ALL bars and merchandise points will be cashless, only accepting card or contactless payments. So make sure you bring your card! If you do want to take cash out though, there is a cash machine available at the festival.

ID: Make sure you bring ID with you, especially if you are blessed enough to be, or look, under 25. Anyone aged 16 or over can attend Tramlines alone, so do bring ID if you’re in your teens, it may be needed to gain entry. The bars operate a Challenge 25 policy for alcohol sales, so make sure you have your ID if you plan on having some bevs. Acceptable forms of ID include: current passport, UK Driver’s Licence or Provisional Licence, VALIDATE UK, Citizen Card.

Phone and portable charger: True festival essentials. You’ll need your phone to keep in touch with loved ones, and for taking photos, of course. And you don’t want to run out of battery before the day’s finished!

Reusable water bottle: There’s water stations dotted across Hillsborough Park for you to fill up a reusable water bottle and help take care of the planet, as well as yourself. Bottles should be no more than 500ml and either empty or sealed upon arrival.

Weather appropriate, suitable clothing: Dress for both the weather, and for standing in a big field all day! If it’s forecast to be hot, wear light, breezy clothing. If it’s forecast to rain, whip out your parka. For all weather, my top festival clothing essential – a bucket hat! Perfect for keeping the sun (or rain) off your head. Comfortable shoes are also a must.

Suncream: Don’t burn! Bring your suncream along. The thunder and rain has made an appearance recently, and we can't guarantee it will leave for the festival ... But we live in hope!

Painkillers/medication: If you take medication, remember to bring it! This summer has been rough on hayfever sufferers, so if you have hayfever, take an antihistamine.

And lastly, remember to bring your ticket! If you have an e-ticket, make sure you download them to your phone before getting to the festival just in case service is a little patchy.

The don’ts – These items will be confiscated upon entry!

Do not bring a large bag! Bags larger than A4 in size are not permitted. Small bags that are no more than 210 x 297 x 200mm in size are permitted, subject to search. Expect queues at bag checks.

Your own food/alcohol: It is not permitted to bring food or alcohol into Tramlines! You can bring a sealed 500ml water bottle or empty refillable water bottle (again, no more than 500ml), but any other drink or food is not permitted. There’s plenty of bars and food vendors to cater for all tastes and dietary requirements inside the festival. For more information about vendors, check out Tramlines’ food page.

Golf umbrellas / flags / chairs / camping equipment: It may be tempting to take these items, as you’d usually take them to a camping festival, but they’re not needed at Tramlines! There’s plenty of space to sit down should you wish to. These items could cause injury.

Professional camera or video recording equipment: There’ll be plenty of photographers at the festival to take professional photos. Besides, in 2023, your phone probably has an ace camera!

The following items are also not permitted at Tramlines, for obvious reasons:

  • Controlled substances (including psychoactive substances)

  • Glass / aerosols / gas canisters / BBQs / weapons / sharp objects

  • Pyrotechnics / flares / fireworks / lasers

  • Animals (with the exception of assistance dogs)

  • Megaphones / large amplification equipment / klaxons / air horns.

We’d also advise to not bring any valuables or wear your most expensive shoes! You don’t want to lose/ruin anything… and Hillsborough Park can get muddeh!


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