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  • Jack Starr

The Crucible at The Crucible – New Production of Classic Play Debuts at Sheffield Theatres in March

The Crucible by Arthur Miller is one of the most famous, most acclaimed theatrical works ever written. Widely considered a central work in the canon of American theatre, the play dramatises the Salem Witch Trials of the 1690s, and the fear and paranoia that envelops a puritan colonial settlement in seventeenth-century New England.

Originally debuting in 1953, Miller wrote the play as an allegory for McCarthyism – the persecution of political dissidents in American society at the time. Despite being more than 70 years old, the play still holds weight today as a harrowing tale of the darkness at the heart of human nature.

A group of young girls from the village are discovered dancing the woods, promptly leading to accusations of witchcraft and the occult. The girls, led by Abigail Williams, seeking to spare themselves from execution, begin to spin their own web of lies and deceit, manipulating the villagers’ anti-witch fervour to their own ends and leading them on a path to devastating consequences.

A new production for 2024, The Crucible will be staged at the Crucible Theatre (a coincidence in naming, as the theatre is named for the Crucible steel that Sheffield was known for in the industrial era – try not to get confused!)

The Cast of The Crucible

The play will be directed by Anthony Lau (Miss Saigon, Anna Karenina), and will feature an impressive cast, including several returning Sheffield Theatres alumni. The full credits include: Geoffrey Aymer as Giles Corey; Ian Drysdale as Deputy Governor Danforth; Jasmine Elcock as Mercy Lewis; Honor Kneafsey as Betty Parris; Joseph Langdon as Ezekiel Cheever; Anoushka Lucas as Elizabeth Proctor; Andrew Macbean as Francis Nurse; Simon Manyonda as John Proctor; Alexandra Mathie as Rebecca Nurse; Giullianna Martinez as Tituba; Laura Pyper as Ann Putnam and Sarah Good; Sid Sagar as Reverend Hale; Rose Shalloo as Abigail Williams; Mark Weinman as Thomas Putnam; Millicent Wong as Mary Warren; and Sargon Yelda as Reverend Parris. 


The Crucible will play at The Crucible Theatre from 2nd March 2024 to the 30th of March. Tickets are on sale now from the Box Office and from


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