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  • Matt Codd

boyproblems: Sweet City Sins - Stating Their Case As One Of Sheffield's Most Exciting New Bands

Grungy, gritty and downright glorious. Yes, these maybe three words you think of when someone asks you to describe Sheffield ... But they're also the words that leap to mind when discussing indie-pop newcomers from this city of ours, boyproblems.

The 4-piece are as eclectic as they are excellent, with clear influences that tap into everything from outright pop anthems to niche Midwest emo, and everything in between really. You could hear aspects of Kate Bush just as easily as you could hear Bloc Party in the soundscapes created by this band, yet they continue to keep that DIY charm that can be so easily lost among the talent.

When listening to their latest single "Sweet City Sins" there is an inescapable feeling of power that both draws you in and blows you away. This is an introspective track with lofty ambitions. 

The songwriter, and lead singer of the outfit, Lucy, told us that "the meaning behind this song is about finally getting out of my head with dating etc. and having this new found confidence in myself."

"From the perspective of the band we were then looking for a song that builds up into a crescendo to finish our set with."

And that's exactly what it does, beginning as a somewhat sweet, melancholic tune with echoey, almost ethereal vocals standing out above a muted, trap-like drum beat. There's always something bubbling away under the surface though, an impending sense of something bigger. And then it shifts, powered by Lucy's vocals the band and track comes to life, blossoming into a full-blown grunge-rock anthem by the close. It's clearly a deliberate journey, mirroring the meaning in the lyrics as Lucy described, the song is about her journey of self-confidence and here, the band as whole find that confidence themselves. 

There's elements of shoegaze and garage rock sprinkled throughout, showcasing a band that could truly turn their hand to whatever they wish and make it a success. This is especially obvious when compared with previous releases like "Passionfruit", a short shot of summery bubblegum indie pop made for a festival outing, and "Haystack", a Midwest emo inspired, pop-punk joy of a tune.

"Sweet City Sins" is a worthy addition to any setlist, and is a song that leaves you wanting more, in the best possible way ... Exactly what a set finisher should do really. It serves to further bolster an impressively varied CV for a band still making their first steps.

boyproblems have firmly established themselves on our radar for this upcoming year, and it looks as though ours aren't the only heads they're turning. It was announced recently that the band have made the shortlist for Tramlines' Apply To Play competition and are now in with a chance to perform at the iconic Sheffield festival. You can vote for the quartet now via the Tramlines website!

We cannot wait to see what 2024 holds for this prodigiously talented band. We love a band that is always looking to innovate and improve, and boyproblems have proven not only a willingness, but also a commitment to do just that. You won't want to miss what they do next.

"Sweet City Sins" is available to stream across all platforms and you can follow the band on socials for any updates.


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