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  • Sophie Walker

Autumn's Arrived! Pumpkins Galore at Rotherham's Gulliver's Valley Resort

This weekend a brand new pumpkin patch opened at Gulliver's Valley Resort in Rotherham, and we were invited down to try our hand at pumpkin picking.

A short drive from the centres of both Sheffield and Rotherham, we found the patch really conveniently located and easy to find, which having gotten lost on a series of country roads a couple of years ago when we last went pumpkin picking, we were very thankful for.

From just £3 entry, you can access the pumpkin patch (which has multiple varieties of pumpkin available), but also plenty of other things to get up to while you're there - including photo opportunities with a large bench swing, a pumpkin surrounded motorbike and more, a kids hay bale play area, free face painting, food truck, and a pumpkin and halloween-themed goodies shop.

The pumpkins in the shop were our favourite part - there were SO many types that it was actually a tough choice deciding what to go for! The prices also felt fair - with the smallest pumpkins priced at £1, of which we got three (they were too cute), and the more standard pumpkin sizes being between £3 and £5 and the larger ones, of which there were many, are priced individually. There are many size charts dotted around the site and shop to help you keep track of how much you have in your basket, or wheelbarrow in this case. Alongside our three tiny pumpkins, we also bought two small pumpkins at £2 each. We loved having the opportunity to mix and match from so many varieties, unlike at other pumpkin patches where there may be just one or two types of pumpkins available.

The food truck (or bus) area included bench seating, toilets and background music, which gave us a lovely food break as we were there at lunch time. On offer were hot dogs, jacket potatoes, Pipers crisps, ice creams and hot and cold drinks. We wolfed down our crisps and assessed our pumpkins, then going back into the shop to make sure we were sure of our choices. There really are that many to choose from.

If you want to get even more out of the day, you can upgrade your pumpkin patch ticket to include entry for the main park, or vice versa, you can add pumpkin patch entry to your theme park ticket.

When Halloween's done, why not give your pumpkin another life? A lovely touch from Gulliver's is that on their website, they've listed a series of ways to repurpose your pumpkin, including soil enrichment, using it as a bird feeder or planter, and for cooking and baking.

Head down, grab a wheelbarrow and get picking!


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