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  • Marika Page

Saiko Sushi: A New Culinary Journey to Japan in the Heart of Kelham Island

There's a new gem in Sheffield's Kelham Island. Saiko Sushi, perched on the second floor of Cutlery Works, opened its doors just two weeks ago and has already garnered a reputation for being "the best" – and rightfully so. Saiko, which roughly translates to "the highest" in Japanese, lives up to its name with a menu that offers a tantalizing fusion of Asian flavors and an extraordinary sushi experience. From presentation to taste, quality, and service, our visit to Saiko was nothing short of exceptional.

The centerpiece of Saiko's offering is the Chef's Selection, known as Omakase in Japanese. Omakase is a delightful dining experience where you entrust the chef to curate a meal of seasonal specialties, and at Saiko, it's a journey that leaves your taste buds dancing. Our Omakase adventure began with a bowl of sea salted edamame which is a perfect starter to any Japanese meal. We were then presented with a Wakame salad, a delectable seaweed creation marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce, and yuzu sauce. This was a refreshing introduction to the culinary excellence that awaited us. Following this, we tried the salmon nigiri, spicy tuna, tuna tartare, and the standout steak roll topped with medium-rare steak, pistachio pesto, and parmigiano, which was one of the highlights of the meal. Saiko has a knack for reimagining traditional sushi rolls. We were also treated to the avocado nigiri, snow crab roll, salmon sashimi, salmon maki, and the double salmon roll (featuring salmon tempura, prawn tempura, avocado, cheese, and togarashi).

I really appreciated that Saiko caters to traditional sushi lovers as well as those who prefer a vegan/vegetarian alternative. All rolls were served in pairs, allowing diners to explore the diversity of Japanese cuisine in each bite and to experience more of the menu at a time.

The presentation was as much a work of art as the taste, with each dish beautifully displayed in a wooden Bamboo box, offering a glimpse of the chef's skills. For those looking for a different dining experience, Saiko also offers bento boxes, customizable with options like tofu, chicken katsu, and even vegan steak. The grand finale of our meal was a chocolate ganache mochi dessert, served on a bamboo leaf. Every morsel was a delightful blend of flavors and textures, a perfect ending to a memorable meal.

And the excitement doesn't end here. The head chef shared his plans for a seasonal menu in the coming weeks and months ahead, featuring poke bowls and udon bowls with salmon broth. Saiko will be a restaurant that's constantly evolving, promising new and exciting experiences with every visit. In a city that appreciates diverse culinary adventures, Saiko Sushi has quickly carved its niche as a must-visit destination. From the mouthwatering dishes to the immersive dining experience, Saiko Sushi truly lives up to its name, offering the best of Japanese cuisine right here in Sheffield. Our visit left us eagerly anticipating our return, and we can't wait to see what other delights will appear Saiko Sushi’s menu.

Thank you Saiko for having us!

Saiko Sushi is located inside of Cutlery Works, located at 73 – 101 Neepsend Lane, Neepsend, S3 8AT and is open every day until 9pm. Check out the menu here.


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