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  • Emma Roberts

Rudy’s Pizza Napoletana: Experience Naples as Sheffield’s latest pizzeria opens to the public

Having seen Rudy's success in other big cities we were delighted that the traditional, authentic Neapolitan pizzeria was coming to Sheffield.

We paid a visit to Rudy’s a week after they had opened their newest venture on Division Street. The interior was warm and inviting with rustic, minimalist décor, plenty of hanging plants dotted around, and ingredients used in their dishes on full display. The star of the show by far was the open kitchen – from the minute we walked in, we were greeted by a huge pizza oven and the delicious smell of fresh pizza. We were able to watch the chefs make our pizza to order, which was a great experience.

We browsed the menu and were greeted by a great selection of both food and drinks. The drinks menu had a generous selection of wine, beers (including Rudy’s own pale draught beer), aperitivos and soft drinks. We settled for diet cokes this time round but will definitely be back to sample some more of the drinks menu.

The most important menu of all, the food menu, looked exciting and fresh. The starters included garlic bread, Burrata and Caprese salad. We opted for a tomato and garlic bread to share. It was served to us piping hot and straight from the pizza oven. The pizza dough is double fermented for a minimum of 20 hours at room temperature, using simple ingredients which results in a soft, fluffy and delicious dough. You can really taste the effort and care put into the entire dish when eating it.

We then moved onto the main event, the pizza. The menu featured 14 pizzas, plus additional specials featured on the blackboard above the kitchen, which change on a regular basis. Vegan cheese is available, which is perfect if you have an intolerance or allergy. I personally cannot eat cheese, so to have this option gave me more freedom in my choice of pizza. As well as the pizzas on the menu, we were also able to add countless additional toppings for an additional fee, allowing us to customise your pizza to your liking.

I opted for a marinara pizza, adding red onion, roasted potatoes and salame picante. An odd choice for some, but I thought it was delicious. I had never had roasted potatoes on a pizza before, but it added additional textures and really worked. The dough was soft, the tomato sauce fresh and flavourful, and the meat was excellent quality. My partner was slightly more adventurous than me and chose the ‘Cinghiale’ pizza, which featured wild boar salame, ‘nduja, Roquito peppers, parmesan, fresh chilli, basil and oil. It was rated the best pizza he had ever had before, which is some compliment. We also opted for a garlic aioli dip to accompany the pizza. You could also choose from ‘nduja aioli and chilli honey dips, which we will definitely be trying next time.

The portions are substantial, with each pizza roughly 14” in size. We were full by this point, so asked to take the rest of the garlic bread home (which was the same size as the pizza!) and the staff happily boxed this up for us to takeaway. The pizzas range in price, from £5.90 through to £10.90, which is very reasonable for Sheffield city centre. You also had the option to add a whole Burrata to your pizza for an extra £3.50.

There was also a small dessert menu which featured on another blackboard above the kitchen. We were too full to try any, but we will definitely be back to sample some ice cream or tiramisu.

In total, for a sharing starter, two pizzas, two drinks and a dip, our bill came to £32. This is excellent value for money for the quality and freshness of ingredients, and somewhere we will definitely be returning to.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rudy’s if you fancy some excellent, authentic pizza at a reasonable price in Sheffield City Centre.


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