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  • Aisha Khan

Pollen Market: Celebrating Sheffield With All Things Botanical.

From the team that brought Peddler Market, comes the monthly celebration of the natural through the vibrant Pollen Market. Taking place on the third Sunday of every month, from 10am to 4pm, the market enhances the city with its music, greenery, local produce, art, workshops and food.

The event first launched in September 2021, since which it has become a Sheffield staple. Overlooking the River Don, the market is a part of the Grey to Green scheme in Castlegate, aiming to bring sustainability and colour to Sheffield, transforming concrete areas into green, public spaces.

The July market brought just that: liveliness, excitement, sunshine and celebrations. Consisting of plant stalls, florists, art, homeware, ice cream, coffee, street food, and music, Pollen had everything needed for an entertaining day out. The food stalls offered options for everyone, including vegan, non-vegan, and gluten-free, while the food ranged from: pizza, burgers, burritos, ice cream, pastries, and hand-crafted coffee. Gypsy’s Brew in particular quickly became an attraction, located in the middle of the market with an appealing design. Some of these stalls were a change from previous markets, so no two markets are ever the same. A plethora of cuisines meant different cultures were enjoyed in the melting pot of Sheffield.

In a brilliant addition to the large variety of options to buy from, Carousel Print Studio were hosting a free workshop for botanical printing sessions, allowing creative market-goers to test their hand at printing. The sessions were very beginner-friendly, and exciting to see the different pieces of art created.

With around 40 businesses coming together to make Sheffield a greener, brighter space, Pollen Market is a joy to be a part of each and every month, always filled with plenty to see, plenty of friendly people to talk to, and plenty of sun to bask in. This month’s Pollen Market, on Sunday 21st August, will be a delightful way to continue to enjoy the weather and botanical activities as summer approaches its end.

Photography by Lucy Coughlan.


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