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  • Aisha Khan

Loyle Carner at the O2: A raw and inspiring performance by one of the UK’s best artists

Playing at Sheffield’s O2 Academy on Tuesday 28th April, Loyle Carner will bring his latest album, Hugo, to the Steel City as part of his UK tour. Followed by performances in Norwich and Leicester, Hugo explores Carner’s most intimate album yet and will immerse the audience in his journey of becoming a father despite never knowing his own.

With tracks like ‘Hate’ and ‘Polyfilla’, Carner’s set will inspire fans to “break the chains in the cycle” of dysfunctional Black fatherhood and reject the voices who tell young, Black men that they can’t be ambitious. The follow up track, ‘A lasting place’, shows Carner’s unwavering love for his son and how his journey to being a better father means forgiving his own. Those lucky enough to be seeing any of Carner’s shows will be blown away by the universal message of his album and inspired by his raw emotion and talented lyricism.

Carner is touring his album from the 23rd February till the 26th of March. Tickets are limited, with Sheffield's show already sold out!


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