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  • Sophie Walker

Get your ticket to Sheffield's first Sustainable Fashion Week Event!

Emily Duff, founding editor-in-chief of Darling Magazine is tomorrow hosting Sheffield’s first contribution to Sustainable Fashion Week (SFW), which is an ever-growing global and online event.

Taking place 1-4pm on Saturday 7th October at the Foundry, the key pillars for SFW are reconnect, rewear, repurpose and regenerate, with different activities for each pillar. We see this as the perfect opportunity to learn more about how sustainable fashion can come in all forms – from the high street to your bedroom!

For just £2 a ticket, attendees can enjoy a wide range of activities including a swap shop, pop-up stalls, upcycle station and industry panel talk.

The latter being the highlight of the event, hosted by Tia Janowski (Darling Magazine writer). The talk will delve into the concept of ‘rewear’ with a main focus on the second-hand fashion industry. Janowski will be joined by guests Joseph Jones (TVC Vintage) and Alice Leadbetter (Glass Onion Vintage).

Hosted by The University of Sheffield’s Fashion Society, the upcycle station will demonstrate the pillar of ‘repurpose.’ Offering attendees the chance to learn how to breathe new life into their clothes rather than discarding them, the station poses the perfect opportunity to embrace sustainability whilst being creative! Plus, you’ll get to learn more about the Fashion Society’s events, which are open to all – not just students!

Embracing the pillar of ‘reconnect’ will be the pop-up shops in attendance, giving attendees the opportunity to support independent businesses, as well as the chance to connect with those behind Darling Magazine and TVC Vintage.

Lastly, the swap shop hosted at the event will embody the fourth and final key pillar of SFW, which is ‘regenerate.’ The swap shop will allow attendees to give new life into their wardrobe and find a new staple fashion piece by simply swapping unwanted items with others!

Sheffield’s Sustainable Fashion Week event will be held on Saturday October 7th from 1-4pm at the Foundry. Click here to purchase your ticket.


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