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  • Megan Wood

Celebrating all things funk and groove – Introducing Sheffield’s Malah Palinka

The jazzy Sheffield 8-piece are set to take Corporation by storm this month to celebrate their recently released EP ‘Is It Happening Now?’ in what promises to be an unforgettable show, with support from fellow Sheffield funk and jazz-masters - Fuji Speedway and We Hate The Sharkman.

Their second EP, released on 25th October, is an exciting amalgamation of all things good and groovy. It’s a gorgeous mix of jazz, neo soul, funk, pop, disco, and indie, just for good measure, perfectly executed by the band whose combined musical talents make them a force to be reckoned with. Comprising mostly of music graduates from the University of Sheffield, the groovy unit is strong in their techniques and have managed to craft a record which is rich in instrumental arrangements, with a modern production that feels warm and authentic.

Recorded across three different studios, this EP’s process differs compared to their debut, Kickstarter-funded EP ‘How To Wake Up’, released back in 2021. This time the band took a slower approach, with multiple instruments tracked from guitarist George’s home studio, and vocals treated to boutique microphones from the 80s, making the EP’s overall sound both comforting and homely, with the help of producer David Haynes.

The EP is comprised of 5 tracks and 3 interludes but if you’re unfamiliar with the band, a good place to start is their deviously funky and first single to be released from this EP, ‘Baby Who Hurt You?’. The track evokes feelings of nostalgia through its sunshine grooves and bright trumpets, paired with an intoxicating bassline that’ll be stuck in your head for days on end.

Musically drawing upon rich jazz-funk influences, the track feels like a blast from the disco-funk era, encapsulated in an accompanying retro-style music video filmed at Crookes Social Club, sparking excitement for their upcoming live show where you too can dance the night away!

Despite the grooves transporting you back to 70s disco balls and flares, the single still feels fresh and current, fitting seamlessly into the exciting and ever-evolving music scene of our city. To put it simply, it’s a funky anthem come indie-pop banger that delivers a satisfying dose of groove guaranteed to get you boppin’, movin’ and groovin’.

The sweet title of the EP’s second single, ‘Marshmallow’, reflects the track’s sweet soulfulness and deliciously downtempo grooves, which are layered with sultry vocals to create a chilled little number with an accompanying lyric video. Sensing a theme that’s going to leave us hungry for more, ‘Popcorn’ is a neo-soul track that lures the listener in with some lush grooves and robust lyrics that roll off lead singer Evie’s tongue like melted butter.

In addition to these tasty numbers, it must be mentioned that the EP as a whole glides effortlessly through each track, from its modern-jazz, titular opener to the simply beautiful track ‘Female Energy’ with the help of the interludes. ‘Time Erases The Outline Of All Things’ gifts us dreamy pianos, while ‘Stingray’ brings emotional vocals, and its equally dreamy reprise rounds off the EP in the most beautiful way. What a treat!

If all this has indeed left you hungry for more, make sure to get yourself a ticket and catch Malah Palinka and their wonderful supports at Corporation tonight, Friday 10th November – and don’t forget your dancing shoes, this is not one to be missed!


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