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  • Tass Drobinski

WEEKDAY and Sheffield Hallam students collaborate on Fashion event ‘Maximized’

We recently headed down to Maximized, a fashion event hosted by clothing retailer WEEKDAY in their only store outside of London, and Sheffield Hallam’s BA Fashion Management & Communications students. The project was pitched as a “forward thinking event showcasing the multifaceted simplicity of WEEKDAY fashion” and it went down as a party to be remembered. #MaximizeYourWeekday was definitely the theme of our Thursday evening.

Cocktails were generously provided throughout the night by Shake Baby Shake, a drinks company with a focus on individuality and freedom of expression. They also supplied us with some pretty funky sunglasses in the goodie bags we were greeted with on the door. Other goodies comprised of some very cool laser-cut keyrings, PopGrips with the Maximized logo, and an abundance of sweets and popcorn. No complaints so far!

Activities included an interactive styling workshop from freelance fashion styler, art director, and lecturer Helen McGuckin. Helen demonstrated WEEKDAY pieces on a model to show us new and unique ways to style them, with the idea being that we can revitalise lesser worn pieces in our own wardrobes. Models then stood on podiums while guests were given the chance to style them, using the techniques gifted to us by Helen, and a selection of WEEKDAY’s stylish but simple streetwear.

The event partnered with the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity that works to promote tolerance and acceptance for others. We received a speech from students about the decision to work with this charity, and the importance of being accepted for how you choose to express yourself, particularly through fashion. There was a chance to buy raffle tickets throughout the night to raise money for the charity.

Soon after, the catwalk show began, and everybody gathered in a crowd either side of a runway down the middle of the shop, partitioned off by a trail of blue neon lights on the floor. The models were styled in WEEKDAY clothing with an effortlessly cool, androgynous Y2K flair. The outfits were mostly alleviated by eccentric accessories such as pink and blue balaclavas, fluffy earmuffs with miniskirts, and 2000s ski-style sunglasses.

After the runway there was still plenty to engage with, including the huge graffiti mirror where guests could doodle and write their names in neon pens. The whole event had been carefully curated with very cool imagery and design, and interiors such as the graffiti mirror ensured that even guest’s selfies would fit the Maximized branding.

Maximized was a fantastic expression of both fashion and art, as well as an innovative and exciting collaboration for Sheffield City Centre. You can check out @maximize.shu on Instagram for more images, videos, and information about the event.


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