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  • Marika Page

The Pearl at Park Hill: Duo Behind Bench To Open Second Venture

Some exciting news has just been announced today! The Pearl at Park Hill is set to make waves as it opens next month inside Europe’s largest Grade II listed building. Spearheaded by the innovative minds behind Bench, Ronnie Aronica and Jack Wakelin, this exciting venture is set to provide an unforgettable experience for patrons - serving craft beers, natural wines, and their unique take on pub food.

Located within the historic Park Hill building that towers over the city, The Pearl will represent a bold fusion of tradition and modernity. Known for its architectural splendor and cultural significance, Park Hill has been a symbol of urban regeneration and community revitalization since its inception in the 1960s. Now, with The Pearl, the building is poised to enter yet another chapter in its storied history.

The creators, Aronica and Wakelin, will bring their extensive expertise and passion for culinary innovation to this venture, as they have done since opening the amazing Bench in 2018. Having established their reputation across the city and further afield here, the duo are poised to make their second location another must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike.

As The Pearl at Park Hill prepares to open its doors, the anticipation among Sheffield’s vibrant community is palpable. The fusion of historical grandeur, innovative culinary experiences, and the creative vision of Ronnie Aronica and Jack Wakelin ensures that this new establishment will provide a unique and memorable social hub for those seeking quality drinks and delicious food in the heart of Sheffield.

Keep your eye on their socials (@pearlatparkhill) and their website to stay fully up to date, and be sure to make the climb up South Street once the doors are open!


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