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Showroom Cinema – Beloved Sheffield Indie Cinema Launches Vital Fundraising Appeal for New Projector

Showroom Cinema on Paternoster Row, Sheffield.

For three decades, the Showroom Cinema has been the heart of Sheffield’s cinema scene. Screening independent films, hosting international film festivals, and providing a safe and homely space for film lovers, the venue is one of Sheffield’s cultural lifelines.

However, with a rising cost of living and reduced audience numbers since the Covid-19 pandemic, independent venues like the Showroom are feeling more financial pressure than ever.

More than half of the revenue that the cinema relies on comes from grants and donations. Showroom is a registered charity, and welcomes all donations, no matter how large or small.

This week, the Showroom has launched a new fundraising appeal, hoping to replace an ageing digital projector. A new laser projector will come at significant cost, but will last more than ten years, and be far more energy efficient, reducing their carbon emissions by an estimated 1.1 tonnes per year.

At the time of writing, 171 backers have donated more than £3,600 to the cause – but as much as £20,000 will be needed to cover the full cost of the replacement. You can view the fundraising page and donate here.

The Showroom Cinema is a crucial hub of Sheffield’s artistic and cultural scene. As well as hosting unique films and festivals, the cinema also supports local filmmakers and programmers, and provides special screenings for groups in the community, including affordable family film screenings, baby-friendly screenings, relaxed screenings for those with autism, and dementia-friendly screenings.

Additionally, the cinema will be hosting fundraising events for the projector, including the launch of a new DVD and Blu-Ray shop in the foyer. The Showroom box office hosts a gift shop with film merchandise including books, t-shirts, magazines, and mugs, as well as locally-brewed beers.

The Chief Executive of Showroom, Ian Wild, released this statement:

“We are delighted with this opportunity to replace one of our ageing projectors with a new modern laser version. This will provide clear and bright picture quality and alongside our Dolby 7.1 sound system will provide a fantastic cinema experience for audiences. The new projector will also operate with much lower power requirements helping us to achieve our objective of a reduced carbon footprint. Our audiences have always supported us and as we continue to rebuild customer numbers following Covid, we are confident that many people will want to help us update and modernise our equipment.”

How can you support independent cinema in Sheffield?

  • Make a donation – you can donate to the projector appeal, or directly to the Showroom Cinema, either through the website or at the box office.

  • Become a member – the Showroom offers paid memberships for £38 a year (£28 for concessions) that get you exclusive discounts, boosted loyalty points and special offers. For people aged 26 and under, the Cine26 membership is completely free and gets you £5 tickets for the cinema – the cheapest ticket in town.

  • Dedicate a seat – you can have a plaque installed on a seat in the cinema, as a dedication to a loved one or to mark an occasion. The cost of this helps run the cinema.

  • Purchase a gift card – you can purchase gift cards of any amount from the box office.

  • Just go the cinema! – make it a habit to go out to the cinema and enjoy films on the big screen. It’s a great experience, cheaper than other nights out, and helps independent venues keep their doors open.

The Showroom Cinema thanks the people of Sheffield for their continued support and patronage, and looks forward to many more years of sharing movie moments together.

You can find out more information here.


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