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  • Aisha Khan

Readers rejoice! Sheffield’s own book club

Get Lit Book Club, Sheffield’s book club which sells out like hot cakes, have added more events to their roster!

Initially formed from a concoction of book clubs over the years, Get Lit Book Club is now a creative environment for readers to get together, enjoy literature, discussions, snacks and drinks, within a safe space.

The first event for the book club as Get Lit Book Club in October 2022 - only a year ago - garnered so much interest, with such meaningful discussions, that they had to organise multiple events per book to match the demand and atmosphere.

Now, a year later, Get Lit Book Club has hosted multiple events in Sheffield, from August to October, as well as creative writing workshops. Because of the high demand, ALL eight events have been completely sold out in no time!

But fret not! Get Lit Book Club is hosting more events and workshops in Sheffield, which are ready to book, from January to July 2024. Have a look and book your place before these sell out too! And keep an eye out for future events yet to be announced.


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