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  • Sophie Walker

Pom Kitchen New Opening: A spot of Sunshine in Crookes

We ventured down to the brand-new Pom Kitchen in Crookes on opening day, Saturday 9th July, and it certainly did not disappoint.

The Aussie-inspired Vegan and Vegetarian Kitchen began in the heart of Sheffield’s student community at Sharrow Vale in 2017. Since then, the café’s inclusive baked goods, hot menu and amazing themed drinks have not only solidified Pom as a popular spot for the people of Sharrow Vale, and wider Sheffield, but have attracted foodies from all over the country.

From one student suburb to another, Pom Kitchen Crookes is a must-visit spot. From the holiday-in-Greece-esque interior to the delightful bakes, this edition of Pom is a vision of summer.

Walking in, I was greeted by a colourful display of delightful bakes, including fresh bread, cakes, sandwiches, vegan sausage rolls, flapjacks, croissants… they had it all. It was a scorcher, so I opted for a light bite. From the gluten and dairy free selection I chose the apple and strawberry crumble slice… which was some sort of blondie/crumble crossover from what I could tell… I did more eating than thinking. Anyway, what’s important is that it was unreal.

Next, I headed over to one of my favourite things about Pom, the beautifully dressed pink shelves. Each wall, and even a large table, is bursting with vegan goodies, adorable homewares, jigsaws, accessories, and Pom merchandise. It was difficult to restrain myself, especially with the candles and bags. One wall, which is particularly reminiscent of summer holidays in Europe, features cut-outs with vases and prints inside. I love it.

With more space than the original Pom Kitchen, Crookes is more interactive with a fun vegan pick and mix set-up as well as an open refrigerated section to browse which features salads, cold drinks and jarred condiments. The bigger space has also allowed Pom to add indoor seating areas and a toilet, which is a game-changer for those hot chocolate runs over winter.

Pom Kitchen Crookes is an amazing new development for Pom and feels like the perfect sister to the Sharrow Vale spot. Everything inside from food and drink to the packed shelves and interior design are beautiful, but when the sun is beating down like it has been recently, it hits different. I’m already looking forward to going again and trying every free from goodie Pom have up their sleeves!


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