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  • Stevie Oughton

Hot Pod Yoga: Sheffield Magazine turns up the heat!

If you’re looking for ultimate relaxation, look no further than Sheffield’s very own Hot Pod Yoga. Not only do you leave feeling floaty and zen, you’ve also done a solid work out (around 700 cals burned) and stretched your muscles in all the right places.

So, what is it? It’s pretty much what it says on the tin - It’s hot. It’s in a pod. And it’s flow yoga. The inflatable pod is a spacious haven, which is heated to 37 degrees, cosy and dark, and smells like you’ve just stepped into a spa (think bergamot, lavender and orange – bliss!).

Newly opened in March, the Sheffield venue invited Sheffield Magazine down to have a nosey, and never ones to miss a trend, we popped down for a session with Yoga instructor, Sian.

After some warm, friendly welcomes, I grabbed my towel and headed in blissfully unaware that I was about to become addicted. Hit by the heat – think that ‘stepping off a plane’ moment - the pod, lit purple and resembling that of a cocoon invites you to find your space, settle onto your mat and begin to unwind. Yoga can be an overwhelming experience, especially as a beginner, but that is why the darkness is genius. Sian encourages the class to ‘try and concentrate on yourself’, and this is the perfect place to do that. Self-consciousness goes out of the window, and there’s no reason to worry about being a (literal) hot mess.

Amidst the sweat, soaking wet towel and posture techniques, Flow yoga concentrates sorely on the continuous flow of movement and breath which generates a meditative state, encouraging you to let go of thought, focus on the present experience and basically leave the world behind.

The session finished with Savasana, a corpse pose, laid on your back, eyes shut for some ultimate chill vibes. And, to top it off, the head massage at the end is totally worth every bead of sweat and tortured muscle.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gym kit and hit the heat. Single class passes are £12 a session, or take full advantage of the current intro offer, £15 for 2 weeks unlimited classes. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed!

Top tip: Try not to fall asleep 😊!

Where: The Tower, 2 Furnival Square, Sheffield, S1 4QL

Class types: Hotpod Flow + Nurturing yoga


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