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  • Charlotte Sometimes

Gothic Rock Band The Nosferatu Set to Rock Corporation

On Friday 15th November, Sheffield's premier alternative music venue Corporation will host second wave gothic rock band The Nosferatu. Known for their atmospheric and immersive live performances, The Nosferatu uses a combination of haunting melodies, powerful vocals and evocative stage visuals to create a uniquely dark and captivating experience.


Renowned for their commanding stage presence and brooding signature sound, The Nosferatu has been a staple of the gothic rock genre since their formation as ‘Nosferatu' in 1987. After various incarnations of band members and a name change to ‘The Nosferatu’, rifts were finally healed in 2019 and the band reformed bolder and better than ever. With their current lineup featuring founder and bassist Vlad Janicek, vocalist Louis DeWray, and guitarist Rob Leydon, the band promises an evening filled with both nostalgia and new energy. The Nosferatu’s set will likely feature classics like 'Rise' and 'The Haunting,' tracks that have cemented their status in the gothic rock pantheon. They will also be joined by London based industrial metal band Killing Miranda who have recently returned to the music scene after a ten year hiatus.


Whether you're a devoted fan or new to the music of The Nosferatu, this show at Corporation promises to deliver an unforgettable night of gothic rock at its finest. Grab your early bird tickets here.



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