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  • Marika Page

Eye of the Beholder: A New Exhibition for Peak District Artist

Si Homfray, an artist, author, and creative based in the Peak District, is gearing up to unveil a captivating new collection at his gallery in Hathersage in early March. Titled "Eye of the Beholder", this artistic exploration delves into the details and elegance found in the natural world and juxtaposed with contemporary digital patterns.

The exhibition opens its doors to the public on Saturday 2nd March at Park Designs Gallery in Hathersage from 10am to 5pm. The exhibition promises to resonate with individuals of all ages, providing a culturally enriching experience. Si Homfray encourages all ages to attend, engage in relaxed discussions, and delve into the inspirations behind his latest collection. Homfray states that, “It’s really important to me that the gallery is a friendly, welcoming, inclusive space. There is no obligation to purchase anything – I’d love everyone, whoever they are and whatever their circumstances to feel that they can come along and enjoy seeing my work and to feel comfortable enough to ask questions.” This celebration of the natural world is manifested through a series of showcased living entities, representing the collective focal point of his latest creations. "I aspire for these collections to mark the initiation of a delightful range of home-centric items", he says.

This new collection seamlessly blends Si's extensive graphic design endeavors and draws inspiration from the outdoors. Homfray calls the Peak District home and launched his company, Peak District Designs in 2016. He has demonstrated his enduring enthusiasm for the natural world and the national parks of Britain throughout his professional endeavors spanning the past thirty years and his products have been sold in various national parks, the National Trust and Rab to mention a few.

Situated just steps away from Hathersage train station and a short walk from the town centre, Park Designs Gallery and Shop is open for this exhibition on Saturday 2nd March 10am-5pm and is located at 2a-3a Hathersage Business Park, Heather Lane, Hathersage, Derbyshire, S32 1DP.


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