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  • Tegan Jay

DEAD MEN DON’T RAPE: Brat Punk artist Delilah Bon Addresses the System.

Delilah Bon released her new solo single “DEAD MEN DON’T RAPE” on Friday 29th July 2022. A creation that is the result of fury, horror, and deep outrage in solidarity with those who have suffered in the wake of the Roe vs Wade overturning, the single fuses the sounds of nu-metal, punk and classic hip-hop to rage against the misogynistic political climate.

As a creation “DEAD MEN DON’T RAPE,” takes root in female empowerment and collectivism. Bon targets the song to address the system’s neglect of women and all those who identify as such. Bon channels her emotions into the single leveraging her close bond with her fans to use her platform as a voice for those who do not have one. In doing so, Bon spotlights the severity of the court ruling, communicating the devastation which has been served. The court rulings overturning is a travesty to the people of America and sets a dangerous precedent for other countries to potentially follow. It Is a worldwide issue that Bon tackles with the sincerity and anger required.

Upon listening to the single, the hurt, anger, and fear that Bon feels is palpable, and it resonates. The way that this issue has been approached brings with it a feminist perspective into a male dominated industry, encouraging people to take a stand for what they believe in and voice how they are feeling. The single not only offers empowerment but sees and hears those struggling, “DEAD MEN DON’T RAPE” possessing traits of protest music in that sense – the arm round the shoulder and a gentle push of encouragement in one, single track.

The song takes down the government, their policy and society’s oppression, and draws attention to a rise in acts of femicide against POC and Indigenous populations and addresses all women/people with a uterus, Bon becoming the mouthpiece for a collective, diverse frustration which is rightly demanding change.

“DEAD MEN DON’T RAPE” is a ferocious screamed rap underscored by aggressive, sharp guitar riffs. Solely written and produced by Delilah Bon, the single is something of an ode to the likes of Hole, Kitten and Bikini Kill. Bon takes that inspiration and brings said style to a new generation who are facing fresh social issues. The lyrical whirlwind that flows within “DEAD MEN DON’T RAPE” is one of understandable fiery rage wrapped within the classic punk rock anger, “Women are dying and every day my thoughts have been spiralling How many rights will they take from the women Nonbinary trans people? Violence? /Is it the answer?” Bon commands full attention screaming for the injustice to change, the lyrics really emphasise the hurt and disgust that many in the world feel right now.

Lyrics that really speak to me include “So keep your politics out of my uterus and your hands off my body Excuse me Mr people are dying,” fuelling within me that anger and genuine rage that even in a modern society, women are still treated like nothing and that it’s a man’s right to take away our rights as women to do what we will with our bodies. The song in general makes me feel empowered that finally there is someone of a higher status speaking out for all the people that cannot and probably never will, its equally as comforting to see someone understand how many of the female population feel.

A year on from her highly acclaimed debut LP, Bon has announced her first solo UK headline tour for autumn 2022. Having appeared at a string of festivals this summer including; Kendal Calling, Maui Waui, Shambala and Burn It Down, and precedes her appearance at Drown U Out festival alongside the likes of SCARLXRD, ZAND, Bob Vylan, DANA DENTATA and GHØSTKID. Delilah Bon has the makings of a must-see act, and we will, of course, be at their Sheffield show, will you?

Delilah Bon plays Sheffield on Thursday 29th September at The Leadmill. Tickets available from:



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