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  • Matt Codd

Brand New Sheffield Patisserie Le Blé Set to Change the Game As We Know It

Sheffield’s newest and most anticipated opening in a while, Mediterranean patisserie Le Blé finally opens its doors to the public today.

You’re sure to have seen it take shape if you’ve been anywhere near Fargate or Cathedral over the past few months, it’s been pretty exciting.

Headed by a team of Greek natives, Le Blé will bring tastes of Italy, France, Turkey, Lebanon, and of course Greece. Anywhere around the Mediterranean can be experienced right on your doorstep alongside some traditional English bakery offerings if you don’t want to drift too far from your comfort zone. Everything about Le Blé screams FRESH. It is truly an all-senses journey of flavours, smells, sounds and feelings of the Mediterranean, every detail is deliberate, it is all so exciting and frankly unparalleled in the Steel City. Even the name has a story; in French it means wheat, but in Greek it means blue … We’ll let you decide which is more applicable.

Situated perfectly in one of the busiest areas in town, Le Blé is sure to become a welcome addition to the area. Literally a stone’s throw away from Cathedral tram stop, sitting on the corner looking out at Sheffield Cathedral and the square in front, you won’t find many better views for your morning coffee or lunchtime escape. It’s a people-watcher’s dream.

You really can’t miss it either. The design of the shop is beautiful and grabs your attention before you’ve entered with large windows allowing you to see right in from anywhere close by. Each piece of the interior has been carefully considered and chosen by the owners to transport you to their homeland. The floor is specked with pink thanks to the volcanic material chosen for this exact reason. The standout is of course the Cherry Blossom tree at the centre of the building; there is so much character and passion on display, it’s difficult not to fall in love with it immediately.

Once inside, we were introduced to the profiterole station, which is something from a dream. Here, you will be able to completely customise your profiterole from the choux to the filling, chocolate and toppings. Incredible. Every aspect of the menu is made with authentic ingredients and techniques, no corners have been cut by owners Apostolos and Alex. From there we got to try some beautiful Mediterranean iced coffee, a hundred times better than you’d get across the road at one of the more established chains. Even as someone who doesn’t drink much coffee, you could really taste the quality in it.

When talking about the menu options, we were blown away by the variety and depth that they were planning to offer. Not only the customisable profiteroles, but an impressive range of vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and halal options to cater for as many people as possible, all produced in store, with select options being shipped in from Greece too – it doesn’t get more authentic than that. Products will be wide ranging and constantly rotating in what is on offer in store. But don’t despair, the guys are planning an online store for the shop too where you’ll be able to order just about anything from their exhaustive range and pick it up when you visit!

There was a lot of talk about the quality of the products on offer. Le Blé is dedicated to using only the best and most traditional ingredients in all their products, whilst keeping prices reasonable in doing so. They will also be offering membership cards for that extra incentive, should you need any more reasons to keep visiting.

The more we were shown of their offering and the more the guys let us into what they want to achieve here, the more we realised that there is a willingness and deep passion from these guys to set themselves apart from everywhere else, not only in Sheffield, but across the UK. The authentic ingredients and techniques used to produce these treats only serves to set Le Blé apart from its competition even further. It’s incredible to have such a forward thinking and unique business choosing to set up its beautiful flagship shop in Sheffield.

In a section of the city centre dominated by chains and carbon copy restaurants and cafes, Le Blé sticks out for all the right reasons. It is utterly unique. The patisserie is set to become a staple of the Sheffield scene for years to come.

The time for conversion from inauthentic chain stores starts here… get down to Le Blé today for a proper taste of the Mediterranean. We are so excited for you all to try... and LOVE it!


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