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  • Emily L. Pickard

Book launch: Sheffield-based novelist launches debut 'The Dolphin' at La Biblioteka this Saturday.

This Saturday at La Biblioteka, Sheffield-based novelist Susan Clegg launches her debut novel The Dolphin.

Set across four decades, the novel begins in 1937 with Larry Lambert. It follows the Lambert family through Larry’s life, his daughter Joanie’s after the Second World War, and Joanie’s daughter Lottie in the 1970s. Offering an emotive and intimate portrait of three individuals who struggle with constraints placed upon them by family and society, The Dolphin examines how we find glimmers of happiness within these constraints. Set against the backdrop of a small town south of Sheffield, with the war looming and its disastrous consequences after, we see hints of a sexual revolution in Lottie’s life compared to the drastic measures used in Larry’s time to repress queer desires.

This novel quietly builds force across its 275 pages, leaving you feeling as though you’ve not just glimpsed the lives of Larry, Joanie, and Lottie, but bristled against their restraints alongside them.

The FREE launch event will be held at La Biblioteka on Eyre Lane at 6.30pm on Saturday 1st July. Books will be available to buy on the day, and wine available during the event. Clegg will be in conversation with novelist, Linda Lee Welch, to discuss the writing and themes of The Dolphin.

Why not head down? You may discover your new favourite novelist!

The Dolphin will be released on Wednesday 5th July in stores and online HERE.


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