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  • Tass Drobinski

Beabadoobee brings her special brand of 90s inspired bedroom pop to The Foundry

Photography by Tom Sunderland

On Friday the 14th, we took a trip to Sheffield’s The Foundry for a sold-out show from rising Gen Z icon Beabadoobee. Beabadoobee, aka. Beatrice Kristi Laus, released her second album Beatopia, a nostalgic and intimate release named after her childhood dream world, in July of this year via Dirty Hit. A follow up to her successful debut Fake it Flowers, Beatopia upstaged its predecessor by reaching number 4 in the UK album charts. This was the 8th date on a string of UK and Ireland shows before Laus heads out on a North American tour until early December.

In the packed university venue, there were already hordes of young fans racing to the front, itching to grab an early spot. The room was flooded with the kind of electric teenage excitement you would hope to see for their generational idol. The support came from Dirty Hit label mates Pretty Sick, a New York rock band who captivated the crowd with an energetic performance by singer Sabrina Fuentes. While they had been previously described to me as Indie Rock, their Riot Grrrl image and 90s inspired grunge anthems such as ‘Dumb’ have definitely found them a place in my Spotify playlists.

Photography by Tom Sunderland

The atmosphere had now dropped into a low hum of fervour and anticipation from giddy groups, as a sea of phones lit up the crowd in front, with people eager to capture the grand entrance. The passion and devotion this crowd clearly had for the artist they were eagerly awaiting felt incredibly fresh, exciting, and important. Live music feels so much more precious recently, and I hope we never lose sight of how crucial it is for artists and fans to be able to connect in this capacity.

Laus and her band were welcomed with screams from their adoring showgoers and thanked them by jumping straight into the second track from the new album, ‘10:36’. This is one I had massively overlooked until seeing it live, where it seemed to ooze noughties pop princess nostalgia, as well as boasting a hugely catchy chorus, and has quickly become one of my favourites. Bea had the audience fully captivated as they sang along to every song, chanting the words like a mantra. She had full control of her fans as she shouted to them to “get the f*ck down” and jump back up, forcing a fierce wave of energy to wash over the crowd.

Photography by Tom Sunderland

As well as her sweet but fierce vocals, Laus also proved to be an excellent guitarist, playing effortlessly and with both charm and attitude. The main thing, really, is that she is actually just really cool. She kept the conversation on stage to a minimum, but when she did speak, she was sweet, soft spoken, and grateful to her fans. It felt like a pleasure to be there.

After a peppy and powerful set, Bea returned to the stage alone for an encore yearned for by chanting fans. We were treated to a solo acoustic section, consisting of ‘Coffee’, likely her most widely known song as a result of TikTok virality, and ‘Ripples’ from the new album. Laus’ band joined her back on stage for the big finale, rounding off with ‘Cologne’ causing the energy and excitement to soar once again, and leaving the crowd going mad. It was the perfect end to a great set, and I’m sure just a taste of what is yet to come for Beabadoobee.

Photography by Tom Sunderland


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